Tweepi Rocks for Building your Twitter Follower Base

Building Twitter followers (or any social media followers, for that matter) is a main priority for many business owners. After all, social media is the quickest way to spread your message to the masses but first you have to attract the masses to follow you.

Tweepi is a relatively new tool developed specifically to manage and cultivate your Twitter followers. As you well know by now, signing on to Twitter and following your feed is not the best use of your time because there’s no order to the tweets. Everything is just in chronological order and you could spend hours scrolling through your Twitter feed for conversations or mentions of your company name.

Using Tweepi almost puts building Twitter followers on autopilot because of its paid features, which makes this a very powerful management tool. (I use ‘almost’ because nothing in social media should be 100% on autopilot…the level of success you reach all depends on how well you engage your followers!)

Some of these features include:

  1. The ability to delete those followers who unfollow you. It’s not an insult if someone unfollows you; rather, it’s a reminder to look at your social media posts and analyze if you’re providing relevant information. Even if your posts are informative, there are just some people who may have followed you in error. This is an easy way to clean up your own Twitter followers’ list.
  2. Reciprocating. With one click of a button Tweepi can search for those Twitter followers who follow you but who you are not yet following. This is a win-win situation because of the importance of engagement. You need to follow each other to have direct conversations or send direct messages.
  3. Clean up the inactive followers. If someone doesn’t engage in conversation, ask questions, share information or retweet others’ information, they are considered inactive and, quite frankly, not much use in your follower pool. Tweepi allows you to view these followers and decide for yourself if you want to keep them in your followers pool or delete them.
  4. Forcing people to unfollow you. As mean as this may sound, it’s actually a useful tool to weed out those trolls who have their accounts on autopilot and post inappropriate information, photos, etc. This is the newest of the Tweepi paid features

    and will save you plenty of time.

  5. New ways to follow people. Tweepi doesn’t just add Twitter followers randomly to your account. Instead, Tweepi offers you ways to add the people you believe will add value to your business and who you believe are interested in hearing your message. Of course, you can still do a Twitter search for followers but you can also add an @user’s friends or followers or add followers using a Twitter list.

Managing you Twitter account has never been easier with Tweepi’s formatting and building Twitter followers is now easier with their innovative tools. Social media will always require some of your time but now you can accomplish many more tasks using Tweepi.

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