I wrote an article several years ago about dealing with squirrely communicators. At that time, it was mainly focused on the slippery shenanigans of dodgy emailers, instant messengers and staff meeting politicians.

I was recently overcome by both boredom and astonishment during a telephone conversation with a colleague. Once the call was over, I thought, what was it about the exchange that got my dander up?

Well, one thought let to the next and before I knew it, I’d refreshed my squirrely communicator categories and added a few more violators to the list.

1.  The Over-Under Communicator

This well-meaning individual simply does not understand the audience to which he is addressing. Worse again, he may not have much regard for other people’s time or just believes his issues are more pressing than anyone else’s.

Here’s an example:

The senior VP of HR has mandated that all administrative assistants take online training in social media monitoring for the next four Fridays. Operations is asked to communicate this message to all affected employees. In an effort not to “miss” anyone, the ops manager sends the missive to all administrative assistants, and the executives they support.

What’s wrong with this picture?…Read my guest blog on LatinBusinessToday.com for the full post.

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