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SEO | PR | Local Mobile Marketing | Get found!If you’re a mid-size or large enterprise needing traditional and digital PR integrated with  savvy web content strategies that will feed and expand your social media footprint or if you’re a smaller enterprise catering to local consumers and you need to boost your Google ranking  in your market and get on board with mobile tactics to draw in new customers, we can deliver a program that will make you visible to your target clientele.
Prosper Communications helps companies make an imprint in the age of social business. Our services effectively blend  the best of traditional public relations and journalism with contemporary inbound marketing strategies, including search engine optimization (SEO), local-mobile marketing, web content development, social media engagement and blogging to communicate, connect and influence your key markets. Our programs are tailored and scalable to your unique needs and budget. Call or email us to get your marketing engine revved!

Prosper Method Service Packages

Integrated SEO-PR & Social Media Company or New Product/Service Launch Campaigns

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business preparing to rollout a new product or service offering, you require an integrated marketing communications approach that will generate image enhancing awareness, engage and educate your target audiences, as well as increase traffic and prospects to your website.

Prosper will walk you through this process from website inception, content and blog development to SEO, PR, social media set-up and media/blogger outreach.  We can develop and manage comprehensive programs or smaller focused projects.  Contact us to set-up an appointment.

Platinum SEO-PR – National Consumer Awareness

Prosper will work with you to develop a compelling editorial piece that perfectly positions your company, product or service in the context of an interesting, keyword-rich, consumer feature article. Our distribution guarantees placement of your story on a minimum of 600 news outlets – with each placement carrying at least two anchor-text links to your website, representing newspaper and local TV news stations’ websites. Read more about guaranteed SEO-PR publicity…

Google Places, Bing, Yahoo – Local-Mobile Marketing

If you’re a local business, did you know that 80% of your clientele either live or work within five miles from your geographic location?  Google knows this too and has recently tweaked its algorithms so Google Place pages rank above organic results and appear more “enhanced,” including more information, even pictures and reviews – plus, if you’re set-up properly on Google Places, you’re already set-up for mobile without even touching your website! Forget about the Yellow Pages…We provide modestly priced, results-driven set-up and maintenance packages so your business will be found locally. Read more about Google Places, Bing and Yahoo Local and  Local-Mobile Marketing…

Social Media Start-up, Maintenance & Business Development

Businesses are realizing the importance of expanding their reach into the social media sphere. Unlike traditional forms of broadcast communication that deliver messages in a one-to-many format, social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter and blogs, enable a bi-directional communication exchange between many-to-many. Read more about Social Media for business…

Prosper Soup-to-Nuts Social Start-Up

We will create your profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and develop a Facebook Fan Page for your business. Read more about getting started with social media…

Search Engine Optimization + Website Content / Design Analysis and Renovation

Is your website languishing in cyberspace like a billboard in the desert? We can pull your anti-social webclunker out of the dark ages and give you a 21st century overhaul so your site will be:

  • Search Engine Optimized to drive more traffic
  • Built for Social Interaction
  • Sticky – prospects will want to stay and participate in your call-to-action

We do Discovery Consultations for a nominal fee. Give us a call to discuss your website’s marketing makeover.

Blogging & Email Newsletter Marketing

Don’t curl up into a fetal position! You can do this. We can help. If you’re not quite there yet, read these statistics from a Hubspot customer survey on the effectiveness of blogging:

Companies that blog have far better marketing results. Specifically, the average company that blogs has 55% more visitors; 97% more inbound links; and 434% more indexed pages in the search engines. Read more about Blogging for Business…

Prosper Blogging Package

Prosper Communications will work with you to develop two blog posts (350-450 words each) per month. Read more about our Prosper blogging package…

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