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Lisa Kaslyn to teach half-day workshop for Search

Engine Academy NY Metro

on April 8th. Course designed to help businesses sort out content dilemmas on their website and social media. Google’s new “farmer” algorithm change makes quality content mandatory as website with shallow poorly written copy are at greater risk of being dropped from top ranking.

“Google’s recent algorithm changes come at a very opportune time,” says Mike Sancimino, managing partner and lead SEO Instructor at SEA NY METRO. “The Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) have been getting more and more cluttered with lower quality websites. Google’s primary existence is based on delivering the best, most relevant content to the user in the shortest amount of time for a given search term. If Google cannot do this, it will lose its competitive advantage – fast! It’s changes like this that drive the need for businesses/site owners to become educated so they can take corrective action. We’ve been coaching our clients and students for years about the importance of original, quality content. Hopefully, Google’s clear message won’t fall on deaf ears. Our “Getting Found” workshops are designed to help businesses avoid Google’s list of ‘loser’ content websites, so they will continue to move up in the SERPs,” adds Sancimino.

“Content Spinning for Your Website & Social Media” Workshop
The comprehensive half-day course titled, “Content Spinning for Your Website & Social Media,” leads fledgling SEOs through the content development process, keeping reader and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices top of mind. The course is geared toward those who have a handle on basic SEO factors, such as keyword development and inbound linking strategies, but content creation and leveraging social media is a weakness.

Prosper Communications’ SEO-PR expert and SEA NY METRO lecturer, Lisa Kaslyn, will instruct students on how to tell a story, why they should be blogging; how to mine content and use the news, complementary industries, and subject matter experts to create rich, unique and relevant content for target audiences and search engine spiders. The course will also provide an in-depth understanding of how social media can be leveraged as another channel to repurpose content, create link-baiting opportunities, and drive business exposure and website traffic.

Lisa will provide editorial input and advice on one page of web copy from each class participant’s website. Students signing up will be asked to submit a web page that they would like to work on and receive a critique on title tags, meta description and H1 tags, as well as an overall assessment and recommendations on improving copy and content type.

The workshop will take place at SEA NY METRO headquarters at 800 Westchester Avenue, Rye Brook, NY on April 8th from 10am – 3pm. For more information, visit the SEA NY METRO website:

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