My Tag Cloud

My Tag Cloud

Can a picture of words still tell a thousand words?

Okay, well, in this case it’s more like 50, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, many of us are so close to what we do that when we create our website and other marketing collateral, we sometimes lose sight of the big picture and the message drumbeat that is designed to gently influence our prospects. That said, I thought dusting off the old tag cloud app would be

a help in taking stock and a step back to see what key words and phrases are most dominant on my website. And this is what I got…not bad. is a free service that you can use to create your own tag cloud. Try it out and see if you’re happy with the words that are calling out to you in bold. Perhaps it’s time for a little content tweaking? Hey, that’s the great thing about January, you get to recast, renew and renovate yourself and your business!

Go ahead, give it a go. If for no other reason, it will make you go, “hmm.”

Happy New Year!

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