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Squirrely Communicators – The Sequel

I wrote an article several years ago about dealing with squirrely communicators. At that time, it was mainly focused on the slippery shenanigans of dodgy emailers, instant messengers and staff meeting politicians. I was recently overcome by both boredom and... read more

Tools to Try: Tweepi

Tweepi Rocks for Building your Twitter Follower Base Building Twitter followers (or any social media followers, for that matter) is a main priority for many business owners. After all, social media is the quickest way to spread your message to the masses but first you... read more

Tools to Try: Get Cooking with IFTTT

#ProsperWisdom Tools to Try — We’ve Reviewed them, Now you Can Use them If you’re looking for a way to be more productive in your business – or delegate some of the more tedious tasks from your to-do list – check out If This Then That,... read more

What Is Public Relations in 2014?

With every new year there are plenty of changes and trends in the business world and the public relations industry is no different. The general definition of public relations remains the same – the strategic communication process, which builds mutually beneficial... read more

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